After School
Chapter 31
Japanese title ホウカゴ
translation title Houkago
Chapter Information
Chapter number 031
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Confirmation
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After School (ホウカゴ, Houkago) is the thirty-first chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


As Raku runs off with the photo, Kosaki wonders about the feelings Raku has toward Chitoge.

Raku returns home and wonders about finding a hint or picture of who the promise girl is. Raku's father sees him holding a picture and tells Raku that if he wants to find a photo of the girl he promised to ten years ago, he'll have to search for it in their shed. Raku tries searching for it all night and finds it no where.

The next day, Shū asks Raku if he would like to join him in a study group with the gang. He declines at first but decides to go when Shū tells him that Kosaki is coming.

Chitoge is excited to have another group study with the gang at the restaurant while Raku worries about who the promise girl is. As Raku thinks too much about the promise girl, he almost accidentally admits that he likes Kosaki to the gang when Shū asked him what shake he likes.

As Raku returns home and searches the shed again, he finally find the box that contains the photo of the promise girl. Despite his fear of finally learning who the promise girl is, he opens the box to find a photo of himself with another girl who also has a key.

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