Nisekoi chap69
Japanese title ギリギリ
translation title Girigiri
Chapter Information
Chapter number 069
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Almost
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Almost (ギリギリ, Girigiri) is the sixty ninth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Kosaki asks Chitoge if the boy she likes is Raku. Chitoge denies this, and states that they're just pretending to date and that she won't be giving him obligation chocolate. Chitoge asks if Kosaki likes anyone, and Kosaki admits that she has someone that she likes. Kosaki says she has given up on giving him chocolate, and Chitoge apologizes for eating the chocolate she made.

Kosaki says she's surprised that Chitoge has a crush despite dating Raku. Chitoge tells Kosaki that she's the only one who knows, since she hasn't even told Tsugumi. Kosaki says that only Chitoge and Ruri know that she likes someone. Chitoge makes a deal that they both keep each others' secrets, and in exchange they help each other win over their loves. Chitoge says that until they succeed, they won't ask each other who they like. Kosaki agrees, and they both go to try and remake each other's chocolate.

After taste-testing and working together, Kosaki tells Chitoge to go give her chocolate, since they are running out of time. Kosaki thanks Chitoge for her help, as Chitoge runs off. Chitoge finds Raku and musters up the courage to give him the chocolate she made, although she says she "made it by pure coincidence" the day before. Raku eats some and tells her it's pretty good. Flustered, Chitoge goes home and gives some more chocolate to the BeeHive members, and realizes that she made the chocolate with salt instead of sugar.

Meanwhile, Kosaki continues to create good chocolate. Eventually, she is able to create delicious chocolate and catches up to Raku to give it to hom. Although Raku is as excited to eat the chocolate due to his knowledge of Kosaki;s bad cooking, he is surprised to find the chocolate good. As Raku embarrassedly asks if this is love chocolate for him, Kosaki denies this and says it's "special kind of obligation chocolate". Kosaki runs off after saying goodbye. Raku returns home, and is greeted by members of the Shuuei clan who have made him chocolate.

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Trivia Edit

  • This chapter was adapted into an episode for Delicious.