At The Beach
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Japanese title アット・ザー・ビーチ
translation title Atto zā bīchi
Chapter Information
Chapter number 044
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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At The Beach (アット・ザー・ビーチ, Atto zā bīchi) is the fourty-fourth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


The gang are able to come to beach because Shū was able to get a room in an inn. As they enter the beach and do some weird shenanigans like feeling Tsugumi's breasts, Shū looking at woman's breasts sizes, and Marika asking Raku to put some sunscreen on her back, Chitoge looks into her bag to find something but accidentally drops the relationship charm Raku gave her during the temple festival and remembers how she thought Raku was proposing to her. She wonders what her answer would be if Raku actually proposed to her. She laughs it off and tells herself that she wouldn't say yes but wonders why she didn't answer him no immediately.

Around lunchtime, Chitoge and Raku are teamed up to make the barbecue for the gang. The two work on peeling and cutting potatoes but as Raku and Chitoge accidentally touch each other's hand, Chitoge flinches and becomes flustered and agitated from the interaction. Chitoge then wonders what's going on with herself and cuts her finger in the process. Raku insists that he puts a band-aid on her. As he puts it on her, she starts blushing.

As the gang applaud Raku's delicious barbecue, Kosaki notices that Chitoge seems kinda down about something.

Later that night, Raku looks on to the ocean sitting on the boardwalk. Kosaki joins him and talk to him about Chitoge feeling down and the weird relationship she never excepted to have with him. After Chitoge and Shū finish cleaning up their area, Chitoge tries to find Kosaki and Raku. She sees them and calls them over but hears Kosaki saying something. Kosaki turns out to be asking Raku to kiss her. Chitoge mishears her and thinks that Kosaki was asking for kimchi.

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