Nisekoi chap185
Japanese title タタカイ
translation title Tatakai
Chapter Information
Chapter number 185
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume To Mari
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Battle (タタカイ, Tatakai) is the one-hundredth eighty fifth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Tsugumi tells Raku and Chitoge to go ahead to keep them from getting hurt. Honda lets them escape knowing that the regular security will be able to hold them down. Tsugumi takes out her weapons, a dagger and silenced subsonic firearm loaded with tranquilizer darts, while Honda brings out her own weapon, a kusari fundo u.

The two fight a battle where they both see their incredible skills they have. Although the fight is very competitive, the two always block each other's offenses and seem to be no advantages between them.

The two have a small break and applaud each other for their amazing skills. Honda then asks Tsugumi if she truly wants to save Marika. Tsugumi tells her that she wants to ask her mother to at least treat her better or stop the wedding and have her return to Bonyari and that she knows that Marika is a good friend to Chitoge despite their quarrels. Honda tells her that act can never be possible and even if it were, Marika could never return to Bonyari. When Tsugumi asks why, Honda tells her why (the secret isn't told to the readers) which shocks Tsugumi.

Tsugumi is so shocked by the secret, she becomes distracted and doesn't notice the crossbow that shoots out a chain, tying around her body that makes her unable to move. Tsugumi is sorry that she was not able to defeat Honda and keeping Raku and Chitoge safe.

Meanwhile, Marika looks through window to find Raku and Chitoge running away from security.

Chapter NotesEdit

Character Revelations Edit

  • It is impossible for Marika to return to Bonyari High School for an unknown reason.

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