Nisekoi chap203
Japanese title ハジマリ
translation title Hajimari
Chapter Information
Chapter number 203
Arc Third Year Arc
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Beginning (ハジマリ, Hajimari) is the two-hundredth third chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly on Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Haru tells Raku that she had known the Prince's true identity for a while and that she has confirmed it with her sister because of his pendant. She knew that Raku had kept it secret from her to prevent her feelings from getting hurt and feels guilty for being mean to him all this time rather than thanking him for everything she has done for her.

She says she has always loved the prince he was, but before she confesses, she denies that she directly likes him. She states that she was disappointed to find out that Raku was actually the prince but is still grateful that she was able to find out and tell him about her knowledge of Raku being the prince. She also tells him that she knows the fake relationship between he and Chitoge much to his surprise. Haru tells Raku to take care of her sister and that she would be cheering them on.

As the two return to the competition, Haru is disappointed to see that the procedures Raku and Kosaki had worked on were all wrong. Haru gives the two orders to fix their mistakes. Raku and Kosaki are happy to have Haru be able to fix the problem and happily work together. The three of them are shown to have won the competition from a poster that Nanako hung in the sweets shop.

At school, Haru talks about her career choice and her feelings for Raku to Fuu. She cries and confesses to Fuu that she truly loved Raku. Fuu smiles and hugs Haru and tells her that she has tried her best.

A few days later, Haru texts Raku to meet her at the park to taste one of her sweets. When Haru calls for him, Raku is surprised to see Haru with hair cut extremely short. She tells him that she plans to become an apprentice for a Japanese Sweets Shop after high school and that short hair would be better for her because she would be working with food. She hands Raku the sweets she made and received a positive feedback from him. She is happy to see his reaction and tells him she has to go, but before she does so, she tells him that she'll make sweets so good that it will make him cry. As the spring breeze blows through the air, Haru's skirt files up showing her teddy bear underwear once again to Raku.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Haru is going to be an apprentice for a Japanese Sweets Shop after she graduates high school.

Trivia Edit

  • Fuu may have feelings for Haru. (This is not confirmed.)
  • Haru is the first character to be shown to have a haircut.

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