Nisekoi Chapter 92 Pic
Japanese title ハナタバ
translation title Hanataba
Chapter Information
Chapter number 092
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Bouquet
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I Want To Lose Weight
Bouquet  (ハナタバ, Hanataba) is the ninety second chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

At Chitoge's birthday party, Raku tells the gang (excluding Chitoge) that he got his memory back. Raku asks what he was like with amnesia, but none of the girls answer, since they're embarrassed. Haru, Paula, and Fuu show up to the party as well.

Tsugumi calls Chitoge down by phone, attempting to surprise her for her birthday. However, Chitoge already knows, and dresses up for the event. Raku remembers that he has to apologize for not remembering Chitoge's birthday before he got amnesia, but Chitoge is too embarrassed to look at Raku due to the prior days' events. Raku talks to Chitoge, apologizing and telling her that although he did not initially remember her birthday, he did remember it. She forgives him and tells him to enjoy the party.

Claude spots Raku and attempts to outdo him by presenting Chitoge with a private jet but Chitoge tells him she doesn't need a jet. Raku gives her a bouquet of flowers, saying that he just had a feeling he had to buy them for her. Chitoge remembers mentioning she liked those flowers, and thanks Raku.

Later on, Chitoge runs into her father, who is reminiscing by looking through a picture book with pictures of a young Chitoge. Chitoge notices her eyes were brown when she was a kid, and her father explains that her eyes changed color as she grew up.

Out on the balcony, Raku looks at the picture book, having been filled in on the recent developments while he was an amnesiac. Raku becomes interested in the part that mentions there were four keys, but leaves to take a commemorative photo with everyone else.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Chitoge's eyes were brown when she was a kid, but they gradually turned blue as she got older.
  • Adelt used to have grayish eyes but they turned to blue.