japanese title オイワイ
translation Oawai

Production information

Scenario Yukito Kizawa
Storyboard Xing Kanezaki
Production Atsuhiro Iwakami; Hiro Maruyama; Hiroyuki Kiyono; Mitsutoshi Kubota
Directed by Akiyuki Simbo; Naoyuki Tatsuwa
End card  Amakura Surume
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast March 22, 2014
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Celebration (オイワイ, Oawai) is the 11th episode of the Nisekoi series that is originally written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi as a manga. The episode premiered on March 22, 2014.

Overview Edit

Nisekoi ep11 cardop

Episode 11 title card.

 When Tsugumi plans a surprise birthday party for Chitoge, and invites Raku and his friends, Ruri makes Kosaki go with Raku to shop for a gift for Chitoge. Raku finds his time with Kosaki to be fleeting, but Kosaki shows Raku a scenic overlook. When Raku asks Kosaki if she is the promised girl from ten years ago, she answers yes, and as they were about to confess, they are interrupted by a phone call. At the party, after receiving her friends and family's gifts, Chitoge asks Raku about his feelings for the promised girl and whether he recognizes the phrase "Zawsze in Love". 

Characters Edit

Nisekoi ep11 card1

Episode 11 Card 1.


Episode 11 end card.

Episode Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • It has been confirmed by Kosaki that she may be the promise girl.
  • Chitoge's birthday is in the summer.

Difference between anime and manga Edit

  • When Raku approaches Kosaki in the anime, he tries to reach behind her. In the manga, Raku approaches Kosaki in front of her.
  • Kosaki's dress and bag in the anime has a few differences from the manga.
  • The necklace Chitoge wears for her birthday in the anime are different from the manta's.
  • If you read all the chapters from the manga, you would understand why the Bee Hive Gang gave Chitoge bananas and CDs of folk songs. The reason why the Bee Hive Gang gave Chitoge her bananas and CD folk songs wasn't explained in the anime.

Trivia Edit