japanese title ヘンボウ/ オシゴト
translation Henbo / Oshigoto

Production information

Storyboard Chokusei Ryuwa
Production Chokusei Ryuwa; Fathom sash 輔
Directed by Yano Akane; Iwamoto Shimizu; Sakuya Miyawaki; Hatsue Zhongshan; Noguchi Takayuki; Takemoto Daisuke
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast February 4, 2015
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Marika as a waitress at the diner

Change/Work (Henbo / Oshigoto ヘンボウ/ オシゴト)  is the 2nd OVA of the Nisekoi series that is originally written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi as a manga. The episode released on February 4, 2015.

Nisekoi ova 2

OVA 2: Change title card

Overview Edit


OVA 2: Work title card

Change Edit

Chitoge, Kosaki, Tsugumi, Marika, Ruri, and Shū visit Raku on New Year's Day at his home for the celebration. The girls enter the home and eat chocolate set on the table. Little did the girls know that chocolate was actually Whiskey Bonbon which would make them all drunk. Chitoge asks Raku to kiss her, Marika becomes violent and speaks in her Kansai dialect, Tsugumi tries to kiss him, Ruri deeply discusses Japan's government, while Kosaki asks Raku to strip her. Raku becomes so overwhelmed by the situation of the girls all approaching that he faints. As he wakes up, Raku has forgotten everything about the bonbon incident and falls back to sleep. The girls all gather in circle and promise each other to never bring up the incident once again.

Work Edit

Raku and Chitoge decide to go eat at a diner where they find Marika working there. Raku checks on how Marika works at the diner and sees how badly she works from dropping plates to being behind customer's orders. The owner of the diner tells Raku and Chitoge that despite Marika's flaws and mistakes, people like her and the diner wouldn't be as cheerful as it is. Few moments later, the Shūei Clan, the Bee Hive Gang, and police force led by Migisuke Aiba (who knows Marika) all come into the diner to eat but clash after attacking each other with intimidating comments. As the groups fight, the owner of the diner freaks out about losing customers and closing down the diner if the fight continues. Marika sees the consequences of what could happen once the diner closes and becomes furious and throws all the groups out of the diner. As Chitoge, Raku, and Marika leave the diner, Raku asks Marika why she's working. She tells him that she wants to save up all the money she worked for to pay for their wedding and buy a house which Raku doesn't take so seriously. As Marika comes home, she drops her paycheck into a big bowl full of other paychecks and happily looks at her achievement.

Trivia Edit

  • This OVA's opening is "Step" by ClariS
  • This OVA's ending was also "Souzou Diary" but started with Marika and Kosaki rather than Chitoge and Tsugumi from the first OVA
  • Change was based on Nisekoi Chapter 65: Change
  • Work was based on Nisekoi Chapter 71: Work