Cheer Up
Nisekoi chap197
Japanese title ゲンキニ
translation title Genkini
Chapter Information
Chapter number 197
Arc Second Year Arc
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Cheer Up (ゲンキニ, Genkini) is the one-hundredth ninety seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Raku received his text from Chitoge about their date for the next day. Raku decides to take the date as an opportunity to confirm his possible feelings for Chitoge.

Once Raku and Chitoge meet up, Raku seems to not feel anything special toward her but has acknowledged that she looks much cuter now. At their date, Chitoge takes Raku to Bonyari Coasterland hoping that it could cheer him after the events that occurred with Marika. She hopes that she can make as much effort as Marika did when getting to Raku notice her. Their time at Bonyari Coasterland turns out bad for Raku who becomes dizzy from the several rides he took.

Chitoge then decides to bring him to a karaoke lounge but fails to cheer him with her loud, intense singing. She then takes him to a batting cage where the two end up fighting. Chitoge tries several attempts to cheer Raku up but fails each time.

Raku has become totally worn out from the places Chitoge has taken him which makes Chitoge unsure what to do. Raku then calls her a violent girl causing Chitoge to punch him. Although she feels sorry for hitting Raku, Raku yells at Chitoge for taking him places and suddenly hitting him. Chitoge says that she was only trying to her best and walks away from Raku.

Raku then thinks about how Marika and Shū were wrong about Raku having feelings for Chitoge. He knows that he doesn't hate Chitoge but can't see how he could fall in love with her. He decides to stop by a ramen shop before heading home and is surprised to see Chitoge there.

Chapter Notes Edit

Triva Edit

  • The song Chitoge sings at the karaoke lounge is called "Welcome to the Jungle' by Guns 'N Roses".

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