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Chitoge Kirisaki
Chitoge Key Visual
Japanese 桐崎 千棘
Translation Kirisaki Chitoge
Character information
Other names

Gorilla (ゴリラ, Gorira)
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Ojō-sama (お嬢さま, Ojō-sama)
Half-san (ハーフさん, Hāfu-san)
Monkey Girl (猿女, Saru On'na)

Gender Female
Age 17
Height 160 cm
Occupation High School Student
Likes Raku Ichijō; Ramen; Her ribbon
Dislikes Claude's over-protectiveness; Marika Tachibana; being called by Raku Ichijō as a gorilla;dorayaki
Background information
Chapter "Promise"
Episode "Promise"
Vomic Haruka Tomatsu
Japanese Nao Tōyama
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Chitoge Kirisaki (桐崎 千棘, Kirisaki Chitoge) is the main female protagonist of the Nisekoi series that is written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi. She serves as the fake girlfriend of Raku Ichijō for the next three years of her school life to prevent a war from starting between their families. She is also one of the possible promise girls.


Chitoge Kirisaki was originally living with her father in the United States until she transferred to another school in Japan - where she is now currently residing in. With her father being the leader of the famous Bee Hive Gang, it has effectively caused multiple problems for Chitoge during her childhood as she cannot make friends very easily due to being under constant watch by her bodyguard, Claude. However, when she was young, she met and befriended a hitwoman in-training, Tsugumi, who to the current day, is still friends with. Chitoge also seems to have a few problems with her mother, who has very high expectations for her, making Chitoge somewhat a perfectionist: she excels in both sports and academics.

At some point during her childhood, Chitoge had made a promise to marry another boy and has a key to that boy's pendant as proof of their promise, ensuring that when they meet again, they can unlock the pendant and marry each other. In addition to this, she also has a diary that depicts her memories of the boy she met from that time; unfortunately, neither his name nor his appearance are mentioned in it.


Chitoge is very smart and completely fluent in both English and Japanese despite growing up in America, being half-Japanese. She is somewhat forgetful, aggressive and quick to attack someone who gets on her nerves. However, once someone gets to know her better, she becomes very talkative and nice. Similar to Raku, Chitoge is the type to go out of her way to help someone. For example, when Raku lost his pendant once again from the chain being broken, Chitoge had secretly gotten the Beehive gang to help fix it for him and gave it back later that night.

Throughout the series, it is noted that she is a very bad cook due to the fact that she never measures ingredients and adds random things to the dish that she thinks will make the dish taste better. She is also very athletic as she can easily jump over the school's walls and swim 25 meters in a couple of seconds. In Chapter 106, when Chitoge had lost her ribbon, she becomes very emotional and sad, wanting to find the ribbon very badly. Unlike her usual self, when Marika insulted her for caring so much about a ribbon, she cried innocently, scaring the girl into speaking in her accent and helping in finding the ribbon. Raku also noted that she felt more womanly as Chitoge was meek and quite happy when he tried to buy a replacement ribbon for her and when she hugged him for finding her actual ribbon, but all in all, prefers her usual self better.

Ever since she was a child she has had a hard time making friends as they were all afraid of her gangster family. As a result she had a cold demeanor toward people at the start of the series due to Claude's over protectiveness. This led her to create notebooks filled with information on classmates in an attempt to make friends. She is also afraid of the dark as she had fallen into a washing machine and got stuck in it for hours before she was saved.


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Chitoge is half Japanese and half Caucasian, making her a Hāfu. Due to this, her skin is fair and her complexion pale. Her eyes are a striking aqua blue and she has long blonde waist-length hair. Coupled with her height - tall by most standards - and her voluptuous body figure, many people associate her with a supermodel.

Her most notable feature is the red ribbon that she always uses to tie her hair. In the manga, it was noted that her ribbon looked like the one the girl on Onodera's picture book had.

She is mostly seen wearing her school uniform which is a half-sleeved white shirt with a blue sailor-style collar attached at the lower part of her neck and it connects a thin orange tie that is laced through a loop at the end of the shirt, making a little part of the tie to reach the skirt. The skirt is a knee-length and a blue-colored fabric, the uniform is accompanied by thigh-length black socks and brown slip-on shoes.

The same uniform style is applied in winter but instead of half-sleeves, long-sleeves are used.


  • Immense strength: Throughout the series, Chitoge displays astounding amounts of sheer power - almost always being able to send Raku flying with a punch.
  • Great agility: Chitoge is noted to be very agile, scaling over walls and fences easily.


Chitoge Kirisaki lived in America, but then moved back to Japan for her father's business. Soon afterwards she found out that her father had arranged a fake relationship between her and Raku. She hated Raku during the beginning of their "fake love", during which they eventually become closer and closer. Soon after the school trip in which Raku found her alone in the dark forest, dress as a ghost. After she was rescued by him, she ask him to call her by her first name, Chitoge and that she would call him Raku; since they've been dating for so long.


  • Her eyes were stated to be brown in color when she was younger, only turning blue once she grew older.
  • According to Hana, Chitoge started wearing her ribbon because Raku said that it would look good on her.
  • Its should also be noted that in the animation version, Chitoge is seen reading the book as a little girl, causing an uproar in the community


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