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Japanese クロード
Translation Claude
Character information
Gender Male
Occupation Head of Beehive Gang
Home country America
Goal Trying to expose Raku Ichijō's relationship (formerly)
Likes Chitoge Kirisaki, Trying to eliminate Raku Ichijō (formerly)
Dislikes Raku Ichijō (formerly), Yakuza
Background information
Chapter "Question"
Episode "Encounter"
Japanese Takehito Koyasu
Image gallery (4)
Claude (クロード) is one of the supporting characters in the Nisekoi series. He is a member of the Bee Hive Gang, and cares for Chitoge Kirisaki deeply, threatening Raku Ichijō constantly. He is also one of the few characters that deeply believes that Raku's and Chitoge's relationship is fake. He trained Tsugumi to be a hitwoman, naming her Seishirō (a boy's name), being clueless to her real gender.


Claude is one of the Beehive Gang's leaders and has made it his life's mission to protect Chitoge, much like his protege, Tsugumi. In the past, this has caused extreme discomfort on Chitoge's part, since his overprotectiveness prevented her from being able to socialize and make friends effectively.

Sometime in the past, he took in Tsugumi, gave her her name, and raised her to be a hitwoman, all the while not knowing that she was a girl.


Claude is portrayed as a strict man, as well as extremely overprotective, shown when he blew up a wall to find Chitoge at the Yakuza house, as well as when Chitoge was younger; he constantly did body checks on her friends, causing her to have difficulties in making friends. He is also shown to be quite dense, not knowing Tsugumi's real gender, and still believing her to be a male, even when she wears female clothing.



Claude has short silver hair. He usually wears a white suit and gloves. He also wears glasses with square shaped frames.


  • He is an Expert Marksman and Knowledgeable for Firearms, as seen he is firing at tiny space between Raku and Chitoge without missing (barely hitting Raku). Furthermore, he was able to teach Tsugumi, his student, to able to assemble a pistol in seconds while blindfolded.
  • He is also an expert at espionage, as shown by his constant presence near the school, examining Raku and Chitoge's behavior. He is often depicted squatting on a tree branch on level with the class window, with a pair of binoculars.


First Year Arc

Second Year Arc


  • Claude is one of the few characters who did not change in the slightest between the original concept for Nisekoi (depicted in the one-shot) and the final product. From his appearance to his mannerism and even his dialogue, he remains the same character.


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