Nisekoi Chapter 94 Pic
Japanese title キグリミ
translation title Kigurimi
Chapter Information
Chapter number 094
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Bouquet
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Costume (キグリミ, Kigurimi) is the ninety fourth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series, written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

As Chitoge's birthday passes, Raku asks Kosaki when her birthday is, so that he can celebrate it. Kosaki tells him that her birthday is tomorrow.

Raku goes to Haru and asks her to help him shop for a present. Haru refuses, but Raku convinces her by mentioning there is a Japanese sweets festival happening at the department store. Raku and Haru meet up at the store, and Haru makes the conditions that he buy whatever she wants in exchange for her help.

Haru does not take helping him seriously, and says he's terrible for two-timing. After they search through the stores, they take a break and start enjoying the sweets festival. Raku and Haru eat many foods together, and Raku comments that they have similar tastes. Haru dislikes that, and is upset that some people think they're on a date together.

Raku asks if Haru has ever been on a date, and she recalls when she went to Kosaki's cultural festival when she was in middle school. Haru remembers a kind man in a bear costume bringing her ice cream and holding her hand when she was looking for her sister. It turns out Raku was the man in the bear costume, although he remembers it differently and does not tell Haru it was him.

Haru and Raku go back to looking for presents, and Haru tries on a dress to see if it would look good on Kosaki. Raku walks in on her trying on the dress, and notes she looks exactly like Kosaki when she puts her hair down. Raku compliments Haru, but she tells him to stop complimenting her but at the same time she wonders why she was happy when Raku complimented her.

Raku asks Haru to help him pick out a pin, and before she can help him, Raku picks out the same pin Haru was going to suggest. Haru walks out, and becomes lost. Raku finds Haru and is surprised she can get lost so quickly. Raku leads her by hand, which reminds her of the man in the bear costume. Haru asks if he was the man in the costume, and although he denies it, she suspects it's him, since he knows details about her time at the cultural festival that she never mentioned.

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  • Haru looks like Kosaki with her hair down.