Nisekoi chap83
Japanese title スキナコ
translation title Sukinako
Chapter Information
Chapter number 083
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Crush
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Crush (スキナコ, Sukinako) is the eighty third chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Class ends, and Raku notes that time flies, while Kosaki says she's glad they're in the same class. After some banter, Raku and Ruri remember they are in charge of classroom duties that day, and deliver papers together. Raku and Ruri talk about Shū, and Raku learns that Shū has a crush on someone. Shū walks by and Raku asks him about his crush, and Shū invites him to the roof to talk about it privately.

Raku tries to figure out who Shū likes, and they play a guessing game. Although Shū jokes about it, but admits his crush is someone he could never be with. Shū leaves, and Tsugumi heads to the rooftop as he comes down. Raku asks Tsugumi what she would do if she had a crush on someone she couldn't be with, and Tsugumi says that she would hide her feelings until her feelings died. Raku compliments her, and says she could find someone, after which she punches him.

Later on, Ruri is walking home, thinking about Shū and his crush. She spots Shū in the school hallways, carrying documents to Kyoko. While talking, Kyoko tells Shū that she is going to get married next month, and that she'll be retiring from teaching. Shū congratulates her and jokes about it with her. Shū stands in silence after she leaves.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Kyoko has a fiancé she is going to get married to within the end of the month (Nisekoi's timeline).

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter was adapted into an episode for Support.