Nisekoi chap67
Japanese title オイシイ
translation title Oishii
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Chapter number 067
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Almost
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Delicious (オイシイ, Oishii) is the sixty seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

The day before Valentine's Day, the girls prepare to make their Valentine's gift. Kosaki is attempting to make gateau au chocolate as her sister gives her instructions on how to make it. After many tries, Kosaki is able to create a chocolate that tastes good, which according to herself and her sister, is a miracle. Meanwhile, Chitoge is also attempting to make chocolate. However, her chocolate appears to look inedible and scary. While, Marika is crafting an intricate chocolate piece, using a welding mask, a blow torch, 2 by 4's, schematics, jackhammers, and explosives to create hers.

On Valentine's Day, Raku walks to school and wonders if he will receive any chocolate. Rake feels sad that he did not receive any chocolate in his shoe locker or in his desk, and wonders if Chitoge or Kosaki will bring him chocolate.

Chitoge arrives in class, and asks what all the commotion is about. Raku explains that it is Valentine's day, and Chitoge says she wouldn't get him any chocolate. Internally, she berates herself for making it harder to give him chocolate. Kosaki arrives, but finds little to talk about with Raku.

Later in the day, a girl comes and gives Tsugumi chocolate, and then leaves, flustered. A confused Tsugumi does not know the point of giving chocolate on Valentine's day, which leads to Shū making her believe that you give chocolate to someone you hate on Valentine's Day. She then gives Shū chocolate as Raku walks in, and causing Raku believing that she likes Shū. After Raku leaves, they reveal the truth to Tsugumi.

As Raku leaves, he runs into Marika in the hallway, who is pushing a cart with a giant David-esque chocolate statue of Raku around. As Raku immediately runs away from Marika, she begins to run after him. Kosaki spots Raku and attempts to stop him and hand him the chocolates, but Kosaki accidentally trips and falls, breaking her chocolate. Distraught, Kosaki runs away. Kosaki assesses her broken chocolate behind the school, and comments on how it was a waste of good chocolate after taking a bite of the crumbs.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • We learn that Haru is a decent cook, despite Kosaki being a terrible cook.
  • Tsugumi has never heard of Valentine's Day.

Trivia Edit

  • The chocolate statue of Raku that Marika crafts is modelled after the Statue of David, a famous marble statue created during the Renaissance by Michelangelo
  • This was chapter was adapted into an episode for Delicious.

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