Chapter 20
Japanese title ドンカン
translation title Donkan
Chapter Information
Chapter number 020
Arc First Year Arc
Volume How to Call
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Ditz (ドンカン, Donkan) is the twentieth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Tsugumi finds herself confused whenever she is around Raku. Seeing him would cause her heart to beat faster, her chest tighten up and her face turning red, or when he touches her, shoulder would send her spiraling over. She consults Chitoge, who concludes it may be a serious disease. She further asks others about it, only to meet with ambiguous answers until she asks Kosaki, who concludes that she had fallen in love. Tsugumi reacts negatively to her feelings, but remembers the times he had helped her. She starts to visualize what would happen if she took Raku away from Chitoge. Disgusted by her train of thought, she starts to bash her head into the wall. Raku notices this and asks her what is wrong. Tsugumi, surprised, punches him and runs off.

While sitting on a bench, Tsugumi concludes she cannot protect Chitoge with the way she feels. Chitoge surprises her with a drink and Tsugumi confesses she was told she is in love. Chitoge nearly exposes her and Raku’s fake relationship after saying she had no experience in love. Tsugumi argues Raku isn't the only experience Chitoge has, but with her first love from ten years ago.

She recounts how Chitoge would sneak out of the mansion to go see him every day, but she had never seen him herself. Chitoge asks what her symptoms were again as Raku overhears while walking by and says it is love. Surprised, Tsugumi starts shooting at him. Chitoge walks home, thinking about how Tsugumi is feeling and wonders if she had that same feeling from the promise that she had made with a boy ten years ago. She goes through her closet searching for clues, and finds a diary with a four-leaf clover on the cover.

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