Do You Like Him
Nisekoi chap215
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Chapter number 215
Arc Third Year Arc
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The Truth
Do You Like Him is the two-hundredth fifteenth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly on Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Raku receives a call from Chitoge's father telling him that Chitoge is currently in New York with her mother. Rake proceeds to tell Kosaki and both decide to go to New York to find Chitoge together.

At New York, Chitoge hides away from Raku and Kosaki after seeing the two searching for her. Chitoge runs away from her mother's office to be able to hide somewhere in the city.

Once Chitoge finds a resting area, she wonders how Raku and the others have felt throughout her leave from Japan. Chitoge decides to walk around the city more but is surprised to see Raku and Kosaki at each rest stop she tries to make. After finding a location that she thought she could hide in, Chitoge decides to take a rest but encounters Raku and Kosaki who are shocked to see her.

The two chase after Chitoge only to have Chitoge hide in a corner causing Raku to miss her. As Chitoge gets out the corner, she bumps into Kosaki. Chitoge runs away but Kosaki calls out to her and confesses her crush on Raku and asks if Chitoge likes him as well. Chitoge pauses and denies ever liking Raku. Kosaki then tells her to not run away before Chitoge apologizes and runs away.

At her mother's office, Chitoge pondered what Kosaki meant by 'Don't Run" and thinks about the troubles that could happen if she were to confess to Raku. Chitoge pulls out the key around her neck and wonders what would happen if she were the promise girl. Chitoge's mother then walks into the room and asks about the key Chitoge is holding.

As Chitoge explains to her mother about the current situation with the time-old promise, Hana suddenly remembers that a certain person could answer all of Chitoge's questions. Hana reveals this person is Raku's mother, the author of the picture book Chitoge had owned as a child.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Hana Kirisaki reveals that the author of the picture book linked to the promise girl is Raku's mother.

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