Dramatic Play
Nisekoi chap46
Japanese title エンゲキ
translation title Engeki
Chapter Information
Chapter number 046
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Showtime
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Dramatic Play (エンゲキ, Engeki) is the forty-sixth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

The Bee Hive Gang members and Claude start wondering why Chitoge and Raku haven't been seeing each other.

At school, Raku worries about Chitoge not answering any of his calls after his talk with her at the beach. Chitoge then comes into the classroom but acts different from usually. Shū then gets everyone's attention to tell the class that they will be doing the play of Romeo and Juliet for the school festival with Raku and Chitoge playing them. Much to Raku and Shū's surprise, Chitoge declines the role and lets anyone else have it.

Although Marika wanted to play Juliet, Shū tries to make things fair by making the class draw straws for the roles. In the end, Raku and Kosaki end up with the roles of Romeo and Juliet. Raku is excited to have Kosaki play Juliet but still wonders what's wrong with Chitoge.

Before he starts practicing the play after school, Raku sees Chitoge leave and runs up to her. He asks her why she has been acting differently and that he won't know what's wrong unless she tells him. Chitoge then tells him that she doesn't have to act like their friends when no one's around despite being a fake couple.

After she leaves, Raku returns to the classroom to practice for the play but runs into Kosaki. She notices that he and Chitoge are still fighting and remembers the picture he had of Chitoge from their school trip. Kosaki then goes to the teacher's office to pick up some printouts but then notices the picture Raku had of Chitoge. She asks Kyoko why she has the picture. She tells her that Raku had noticed that she was in her underwear and had given it to her so no one could by it.

Surprised that Raku was thinking about her when he had the picture, Kosaki starts to blush. Back at the classroom, Raku vows to do well in the play while Kosaki is still flustered about the picture. Meanwhile, Chitoge stares at the classroom window and tells herself that she's an idiot.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revlations Edit

  • Kosaki is able to know that the picture Raku had of Chitoge was actually given to Kyoko because she was seen in her underwear in the photo.

Trivia Edit

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