Nisekoi chap187
Japanese title ロウゴク
translation title Rougoku
Chapter Information
Chapter number 187
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume To Mari
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To Mari
Dungeon (ロウゴク, Rougoku) is the one-hundredth eighty seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

As Marika finally unlocks and opens her door, she finds Honda telling her to stay to her room.

Meanwhile, Chitoge, who was with Tsugumi, tries to break out of her cell while Raku is put into his cell as he yells in frustration about Marika's mother. Suddenly, a voice behind Raku tells him that he figures that Raku didn't get the response he wanted. Raku turns around to see Marika's Father who is also handcuffed in the cell.

Marika's father then asks Raku how his conversation went with his wife. Raku tells him that he didn't expect her to be so awful and asks why the tradition of the family was done and why it was so unfair. Marika's father tells him that it isn't so easy to change a tradition and that Marika's mother had also tried to change her fate when she was Marika's age, but was denied to. When they got married, he tried convincing his wife to change how she feels but believes that she would no longer listen to what anyone says. Marika's father tells Raku that his wife's weaknesses is probably why she's so cold to Marika and that she wouldn't be considered a good mother, but despite all that he still loves his wife.

The next morning, Mikage comes to get Raku out of his cell. As he escapes his cell, Raku asks Marika's father to come with him but he decides that it would be better to stay in the cell and tells him that whatever happens, he trusts Marika to him.

As Mikage and Raku then run off to meet with Tsugumi and Chitoge, Mikage asks what Raku is planning to do once they regroup with everyone. His face shows that he isn't so sure yet, but he tells that they're going to wreck the wedding.

Chapter NotesEdit

Character RevelationsEdit

  • Chika Tachibana had tried to escape tradition by going to the high school she wanted to go to at Marika's age but was denied to stay and dragged back home.
  • Marika's father actually loves his wife despite her cold personality.


  • This is the second time Raku encounters Marika's father.

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