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Japanese title カヨワイ
translation title Kayowai
Chapter Information
Chapter number 099
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Festival
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Feeble is the ninety-ninth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Tsugumi finds a mysterious jar of candy left while cleaning Claude's room. Noticing the shape and texture, she assumes it to be a type of candy called Konpeitō and eats it, hoping to share some with Chitoge at school.

While at school, Tsugumi realizes that all her strength has disappeared. After getting a call from Claude, she was then told that he had left a jar of Konpeitou-shaped candy that was actually a "Bee Hive Gang drug" meant to reduce a person's strength to that of a weak girl forever. Shocked, she refuses to believe this and tests out her strength on Raku and Marika; but she fails to beat both of them.

Tsugumi becomes depressed; and Raku finds her wallowing in despair. Tsugumi tells him that without her strength, she is of no use to Chitoge and to the Bee Hive Gang. However, Raku counters this, saying that Chitoge, Raku and everyone else from their class would need her. To prove it, he calls Chitoge via cell phone and lies to her, saying that Tsugumi is leaving for America since she had lost her strength and can't be her bodyguard anymore. Chitoge frantically arrives to meet Tsugumi, softly chiding her that she needs Tsugumi as a friend.

After school was over, Tsugumi questions Raku as to what he meant when he said that he would need her. Raku smiles, telling her that he would need her as a tutor. Tsugumi takes this as an insult and playfully punches Raku, but sends him flying. Finding that her strength had returned, Tsugumi rejoices. Elsewhere, Claude tells Chitoge, via cell phone, that the drug doesn't work on females, and it wears off after a while. 

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Marika is athletically the worst in their grade.
  • Marika is unable to finish a 50 meter dash.