Fortune Telling
Nisekoi chap53
Japanese title ウラナイ
translation title Uranai
Chapter Information
Chapter number 053
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Showtime
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Fortune Telling (ウラナイ, Uranai) is the fifty-third chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and is illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

 Summary Edit

In the morning, Raku and Kosaki both hear their fortunes on television. Raku hears that he will have great luck and can get closer to the girl he likes; Kosaki hears that she will have terrible luck, and will have a hard time getting closer to the boy she likes.

This makes Raku happy, but when he attempts to approach Kosaki on his way to school, she acts formal and runs away from him, due to her feeling down about her fortune. Raku attempts to brush off Kosaki's demeanor as her having a bad day, but after attempting to hand her a printout in chemistry class, he realizes that she is avoiding him on purpose. Kosaki feels bad that she is avoiding Raku all because of a fortune. She thinks to herself that she'll try to be nicer next time Raku approaches her, but then the chemicals she's working with blow up in her face. Raku then burns his hand while attempting to help Kosaki. She runs away because she thinks it's unlucky to be around her.

Raku attempts to regroup and use his lucky color (red) to his advantage. He touches Chitoge's ribbon and asks Kosaki to eat lunch with him once in a while. Ruri then accepts his request and leaves Kosaki alone to eat with Raku. Kosaki ends up eating with Raku and the rest of his friends. Kosaki questions the validity of her fortune, since she is feeling happy. However, Raku then attempts to use his lucky item (konnyaku), and offers some to Kosaki. Ruri then informs Raku that Kosaki can't eat konnyaku. Kosaki then feels her bad luck is true since she was offered food she hates.

Kosaki then leaves to go buy herself something to drink. While heading down the stairs, she begins to feel dizzy and is about to fall when Raku grabs her arm and breaks her fall with his body. Kosaki awakens in the nurse's office, where she is informed that she had an anemic attack, and that she was carried to the office by Raku. The nurse also gives Kosaki strawberry milk (her lucky item), which Raku had left for her. As the nurse comments that luck isn't on her side today, Kosaki smiles and says "that's not true".

 Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Raku is blood type A.
  • Kosaki is blood type O.
  • Kosaki hates Konnyaku.

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