Nisekoi Chapter 91 pic
Japanese title クヤシア
translation title Kuyashia
Chapter Information
Chapter number 091
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Bouquet
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Frustration  (クヤシア, Kuyashia) is the ninety first chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Continuing from the last chapter, the amnesiac Raku remembers that the promised girls' eyes weren't blue. While Raku and Chitoge go to search around town to search for the picture book, Chitoge is visibly upset about not being the promised girl. As they pass a garden, Chitoge mentions that she likes the flowers there.

They return back to Chitoge's house and continue to search Chitoge's room so he can try to regain his memories. Chitoge becomes upset, thinking about how Raku's memories from ten years ago are more important to him than his memories with her in the present. Raku attempts to cheer her up, saying that's what he should do as her boyfriend.

Chitoge then reveals to Raku that they're not actually lovers. Frustrated, she tells him that they are only fake lovers due to circumstances, that they hate each other, and points out many of his flaws. As she begins to break down, she admits that he has some good points, and that even though she hates him, she thinks he's a good guy. She starts to cry, and becomes more upset that he doesn't remember her, but remembers the picture book. She calls him a stupid beansprout, which seems to trigger his memory. As she breaks down, Chitoge asks Raku what she was to him. He seems confused, but says "gorilla", at which point she punches him.

Raku lands, and says he remembers her from somewhere. Just then, it strikes midnight, and Raku wishes Chitoge a happy birthday. Suddenly, he reverts back to his normal self, regaining all his memories. The chapter ends with Chitoge's birthday party beginning.

Chapter Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

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