Good Fortune
Nisekoi chap43
Japanese title グッド・フォーチューン
translation title Guddo fōchūn
Chapter Information
Chapter number 043
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Typhoon
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Good Fortune (グッド・フォーチューン, Guddo fōchūn) is the fourty-third chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


After the two meet each other, Raku and Kosaki go and try to find Chitoge. As the two walk around the festival, Raku accidentally drops his relationship charm. Kosaki picks it up but breaks her sandal strap in the process. Since she can't walk, Raku decides to carry her. Raku is able to fix her strap but when Ksoaki notices that a cat has taken his charm, he runs after it, leaving Kosaki behind.

Raku sees that the cat is heading over to Marika and tells her not to move. He holds Marika on her shoulders and focuses on the cat but Marika believes that Raku is actually trying to kiss her and becomes flustered. Raku wasn't listening to e anything she was saying and misses grabbing the cat and runs after it much to Marika's surprise.

As Tsugumi plays a game at one of the booths, Raku comes up to her to ask her if she had seen a cat pass by her. She tells him that she has and points the direction. Before her runs off to chase the cat, he wins the game for Tsugumi.

Meanwhile, Shū and his friends complain about not being able to pick up any girls at the festival. The cat Raku was chasing after jumps over Shū and drops the charm on his head. He believes that charm is from a girl in front of him which turns out to be Ruri. She kicks him which makes the charm fly up in the air and landing in front of Chitoge. Chitoge then returns the charm to Raku, who is surprised to find Chitoge in a yakuta. Chitoge believes that yakuta is weird to wear, but Raku tells her that she actually looks good in one.

As the two walk around, Chitoge read a sign that if a boy gives a relationship charm to a girl, it's seen as a proposal. Raku then thinks that having a relationship charm is something that a girl, not a boy, should have and gives it to Chitoge. Chitoge believes that Raku is trying to propose to her and becomes flustered and confused on the reason why. At that moment, her yakuta starts falling off. As Raku tries helping her tie her obi, he notices the sign Chitoge read earlier and immediately tells Chitoge that giving her the charm as a proposal was a misunderstanding.

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