Hanagonomi nisekoi
japanese title はなごのみ
translation Hanagonomi

Song information

Artist Marika Tachibana

(Kana Asumi)

Writer Shō Watanabe
Arrangement Mae-guchi Wataru
Released July 23, 2014
Length 1:29 (anime version)

4:03 (full version)

Song chronology
← Previous Song
Trick Box
Next Song →
Order x Order
Nisekoi ED 4 Full「はなごのみ」- Tachibana Marika01:30

Nisekoi ED 4 Full「はなごのみ」- Tachibana Marika


(anime version)
Nisekoi best songs - Ending 404:04

Nisekoi best songs - Ending 4


(full version)
Hanagonomi (はなごのみ) is the fourth ending of the Nisekoi anime series and is performed by Marika Tachibana's voice actor Kana Asumi. The music and lyrics are composed by Shō Watanabe, while the arrangement of the song is by Mae-guchi Wataru. The song makes its debut in episode eighteen of the series.

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