Nisekoi chap70
Japanese title テジョウ
translation title Tejou
Chapter Information
Chapter number 070
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Almost
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Handcuffs (テジョウ, Tejou) is the seventieth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Tsugumi stumbles upon handcuffs while at Chitoge's house. Claude comes by and explains that they were used for interrogation, and that if your pulse exceeds a certain level while wearing them, they will explode. Claude suggests that Tsugumi use them to interrogate Raku.

Tsugumi brings them to school, but then decides to throw them away, as they would be unnecessary and Chitoge would be sad if Raku got hurt. However, as she goes to throw them away, she accidentally runs into Raku, who is carrying a load of books. After falling into each other, the cuffs lock them together by their arms. Tsugumi attempts to maintain calm in order to not have the cuffs explode, but a series of events challenge her to stay calm. She decides not to tell Raku that the cuffs are rigged to explode believing that he will only be too shocked and cause the cuffs to explode.

The whole class, including Chitoge, Kosaki, and Ruri, see Raku and Tsugumi cuffed together, and are surprised when Tsugumi acts calm and collected about the situation. Tsugumi attempts to lead Raku away from the crowd, but he accidentally falls on top of her. However, Tsugumi is able to remain calm, shocking those who are watching.

After going outside, Tsugumi explains the situation, and calms Raku down as he shouts in surprise. Tsugumi explains that she cannot contact Claude, and that they shouldn't forcibly remove the cuffs, as that might trigger an explosion. Raku then suggests they leave school, so they do not endanger any students. Once they leave, some students dump water out of the window, which lands on Tsugumi, causing her shirt to become see-through. As Tsugumi tears off her shirt, Raku gives her his jacket so that she won't catch a cold.

At a nearby park, Tsugumi becomes frustrated and sad that Raku does not seem embarrassed by their situation. However, when she calms down, she realizes that the monitor is still reading highly. She realizes that Raku is nervous to be with her, which causes her heart rate to skyrocket. The cuffs then fly off and crash to the ground, not injuring them. Claude calls Tsugumi and tells her that they had removed the explosives from the hand cuffs, and had modified them to release when the pulse rate reached a certain number. Raku asks why the pulse rate suddenly went up, and Tsugumi tells him she doesn't know and runs away.

Chapter Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This chapter is a continuation of a gag where Tsugumi finds some device at the Beehive compound and gets in trouble with it.