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Japanese title ヘイジー
translation title Heijī
Chapter Information
Chapter number 045
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Showtime
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Hazy (ヘイジー, Heijī) is the fourty-fiftth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Realizing that she had asked Raku to kiss her, Kosaki freaks out and thinks that Raku will think she's a weirdo for her asking him that. Kosaki notices that Raku hasn't said anything after she asked him but he turns out to have fallen a sleep and didn't know that Kosaki asked him to kiss her. Embarrassed, Kosaki tells Raku she'll be heading to the inn and runs off before he could come with her. Chitoge overhears Kosaki asking Raku to kiss her but mistakes it for Kosaki asking Raku if kimchi would be good despite their serious conversation.

On the second day at the beach, Kosaki approaches Chitoge to ask her why she looked down. Chitoge decides to talk about the weird feelings she been having lately to Kosaki but explains to her to that her that a friend of hers is feeling that way. Kosaki tells her that her friend is actually feeling love for the person which makes Chitoge all flustered. Kosaki smiles and tells Chitoge that she wonders if they used to talk like this when they were friends ten years ago.

Chitoge then happily walks along the shore thinking about the conversation she and with Kosaki. She becomes flustered again about the possibility of having feelings for Raku and wonders why her heart beats so fast.

As the gang then plays with fireworks, Shū asks where Chitoge is. Raku offers to goes find her and comes up to her after he finds her. Chitoge starts complaining about how much he knows about her but Raku tells her that since they've been together for so long, he was able to get to now her better. Chitoge then asks him if he still hates her. He tells her he still does but not as much as before. He too also asks Chitoge if she hates him which she replies by saying she absolutely still does but she then asks if she and Raku could work out if they were a real couple. Although he was surprised by the question, Raku tells her that they would never work because of the person she is that clashes with the type he likes. She tells him to shut up but apologizes to him and runs off. After the conversation, Chitoge didn't talk to Raku until the end of their summer vacation.

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