Home Visit
Raku and Chitoge alone
japanese title ホウモン
translation Hōmon

Production information

Scenario Munemasa Nakamoto
Storyboard Junichi Takaoa
Production Tarō Kubo
Directed by Yoshiaki Ito; Kayo Nomichi
End card Hekiru Hikawa
Broadcast information
Japanese broadcast February 1, 2014
Other airdates October 27, 2018 (United States)
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Home Visit (ホウモン, Hōmon) is the fourth episode of the Nisekoi series that was originally written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi as a manga. The episode aired on February 1, 2014.

Shū and Ruri before Kosaki leaves

Overview Edit


Episode 4 title card.

Ruri invites Raku and his friends to hold a study group on Raku's room to help Kosaki with her feelings. When Raku thinks about Kosaki's feelings towards him, the Yakuzas peeking from outside his room begin suspecting that his relationship with Chitoge is a fake. To help advance them as a couple, they trap Raku and Chitoge inside the Ichijō warehouse. As they spend time together in the warehouse, Raku learns that Chitoge is afraid of the dark and lead her to holding on to him. Raku comforts her and the two are able to bond a little. Chitoge calms down after chatting with Raku and has the courage to climb up the ladder to get out of the shed but trips unto Raku. As they were about to kiss each other, Claude opens the shed to save Chitoge but sees them in their position. Unfortunately, Kosaki and Ruri witness this scene as well. In Chitoge's room, Chitoge looks at her notebook open to a page about Raku's bad qualities but decides to write that he may have good qualities.

Episode 4 Card 1.

Mini Episode Overview Edit

Kosaki leaves Ruri and Shū alone in the room to go to the bathroom. Ruri talks with Shū about the weird relationship Raku and Chitoge has and becomes suspicious about their real relationship with each other. She asks Shū if he knows anything between the two but he dismisses it. As the two spend longer time together, Ruri gets more and more annoyed by Shū's presence.
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Characters Edit

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Episode Notes Edit

Nisekoi Episode 04 End Card

Episode 4 end card.

Character Revelations Edit

  • Kosaki's crush on Raku is confirmed by Ruri.
  • Chitoge is hown to be very smart and does well in school.
  • Chitoge is afraid of the dark due to an incident as child of being stuck in a washing machine for five hours.

Difference between manga and anime Edit

  • The warehouse is designed more detailed in the anime.

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