Volume 16
japanese title ソックリ
translation Sokkuri
Volume Information
Volume 16
Manga chapters 9
ISBN 978-4-08-880303-6 (Japan)
Japanese release February 4, 2015
Volume chronology
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Identical is the sixteenth volume of the Nisekoi series. It has been released in Japan on February 4, 2015 released by Shueisha.

Short summary Edit

Chapters Edit

  • Chapter 135: Singing Voice (ウタゴエ, Utagoe)
  • Chapter 136: Identical (ソックリ, Sokkuri)
  • Chapter 137: I'm Glad (ヨカッタ, Yokatta)
  • Chapter 138: Great Luck (ダイキチ, Daikichi)
  • Chapter 139: Speech (スピーチ, Supīchi)
  • Chapter 140: Slumber (スイミン, Suimin)
  • Chapter 141: Sincere (セイジツ, Seijitsu)
  • Chapter 142: Animal (ドウブツ, Dōbutsu)
  • Chapter 143: Work (ハタラコ, Hatarako)

Important events Edit

Trivia Edit

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