Nisekoi chapter 96 pic
Japanese title ソウゾウ
translation title Souzou
Chapter Information
Chapter number 096
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume Bouquet
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Imagination (ソウゾウ, Souzou) is the ninety sixth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series, written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Raku and Marika continue to pretend to be lovers to fool Mikage, because Marika wants to hold the friends she has dear. They ask Mikage to not tell anyone about their relationship, due to "special circumstances". However, Mikage continues to sexually harass girls, and tells the class Marika and Raku are lovers. Marika says it's true, and the class turns on Raku. Chitoge punches Raku, and he flies away.

Mikage gives Raku and Marika tickets to an amusement park. Raku takes her around, while Mikage watches from afar. Marika tells Raku she always imagined they go on a date like this, and Raku becomes conscious of her. Raku leaves to buy drinks, and Mikage talks to Marika.

Mikage comments that Marika seems to be doing well. She notes that Marika is not as aggressive when it comes to Raku. Mikage asks Marika if she has told Raku about "that".

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Trivia Edit

  • Mikage rates Tsugumi's breasts a 10 on a rating of shape, size, and fondle quality
  • The amusement park they go to is called "Bonyaliland".