Nisekoi chap73
Japanese title カンセツ
translation title Kansetsu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 073
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Kamikaze
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A Huge Lie

Indirect (カンセツ, Kansetsu) is the seventy third chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

The boys celebrate and gloat, thinking that Raku has no way of finishing first now. As they talk about who they would choose, Raku rushes past them. As the "Raku shift" attempts to block him, Raku barrels through them and scatters them. Raku runs feverishly, determined to win. However, Shū enacts phase two of his plan, titled "Operation: Trip", in which members of the soccer team trip Raku, slowing him down. Suddenly, the members of the soccer team collapse and forfeit due to stomach pain. Many other boys who took drinks from Marika before the race collapse from stomach pain.

Shū enacts another operation, attempting to point Raku in the wrong direction. However, as the two boys attempt to set up the sign to lead Raku astray, they are tricked by Ruri, who leads them away from the race with a false sign. However, Shū surmises that Raku is running out of energy, and cannot run any more.

Raku is exhausted as he nears a water station. There, he meets Kosaki, who smiles and says she'll be cheering for him. This revitalizes Raku, and he regains his strength. At this point, Raku has almost caught up with Shū. However, Shū, uses his trump card and leaves a box of kittens on the road. Raku cannot ignore them, and begins to run while carrying the kittens.

Chitoge, who has been running with Raku the whole time, comes and takes the kittens from him, encouraging him to run. The last two boys running with Shū are struck down by Tsugumi, who is still sniping people from her tree perch. Shū challenges Raku to a fair one-on-one, but cheats by running early. However, with all the girls cheering for Raku, he is able to barely edge out a win against Shū. In the end, Kyoko gives him a "kiss pass", however, it can only be used on animals from the the shed.

All the boys boo Kyoko, although she insists this is what she meant from the beginning. Chitoge brings Raku a drink, and they are relieved that no one has to be kissed. As Raku leaves to go to the award ceremony, Raku hands Chitoge his drink and leaves. Chitoge drinks from the can which lead to her and Raku to share an indirect kiss.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Raku is revitalized when he sees Kosaki.
  • Raku is able to barrel through a whole crowd of boys.