Kyoko 2

Japanese 日原 教子
Translation Hihara Kyoko
Character information
Gender Female
Age Late 20s
Height 169 cm
Occupation High School Teacher (former)
Home country Japan
Background information
Chapter " Promise"
Episode "Promise"
Japanese Hitomi Nabatame
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Kyoko Hihara is a supporting character in the Nisekoi series and is the homeroom teacher of the school Raku and his friends attend to. She leaves the school in Chapter 84 after confessing to her class that she's getting married and will be retiring from teaching. Her role is later replaced by Yui Kanakura.


Kyoko appears throughout the series as a beautiful and mature woman with short dark-green hair tied in a chignon bun and cherry red eyes. She also sports circular eyeglasses, which brands her a meganekko by her class. Her uniform consists of a blue v-neck shirt with a chequered helm, light-brown cut-off long pants and black flats. In almost all of her appearance, her background animation is always visualised with colours and glitters while she poses.


Like Shu and Ruri, Kyoko is a perceptive and supportive character. She is always shown smiling and is friendly towards her students. This trait earns her respect among her class. She also shows her playful side whenever she and her female students bathe together.


  • Shū Maiko: Many people have noted that Kyoko and Shu has always been close to one another. Kyoko even complimented that Shu has been growing mature recently. When news reached out that Kyoko was going to be married, Shu was deeply devastated, but even so he still kept his happy-go-lucky facade in front of his friends. It was found out that the woman Shu has a crush on was actually her. Shu said that he both admired and respected her throughout her time in the school. Raku was the only one who knew what Shu was feeling. After a heartfelt talk, Shu tells Raku that it is better that he doesn't reveal his feelings for Kyoko, because it wouldn't matter anymore and that Kyoko is now going to live a new life, without him dragging her back. However, Raku manages to see that Shu regrets what he's doing, so he rallies him up to go out and seek Kyoko. Just as Kyoko was already leaving in a taxi, Shu caught up with her and confessed his feelings. She was touched by Shu's actions, and tells him never to let his youth go to waste because she wants him to be happy.

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