Japanese title フンシツ
translation title Funjitsu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 058
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Reason
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It's Been a While

Loss (フンシツ, Funjitsu) is the fifty-eight chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Ruri loses her glasses after leaving them on the window sill and returning without it anywhere to be seen.

She asks Raku and Kosaki to help her find them but also plans to get the two to alone at the process. Kosaki leaves to go find Ruri's glasses at the lost and found and leaves Raku and Ruri alone.

Raku finds this a perfect chance to ask Ruri if Kosaki has anyone she likes. Ruri tells him that Kosaki has a crush on someone but before she could tell Raku that Kosaki's crush is Raku, Shū interrupts the two.

Raku leaves to go help Kosaki find the glasses while Ruri ask why Shū got in the way. Shū explains that he wants Kosaki and Raku to find their own way to get the courage to confess and gain the happiness they want by themselves because its better that way.

Kosaki and Raku return with Ruri's glasses happily chatting to each other about how they amazingly were able to find them.

The next day, Ruri decides to lie to Raku about Kosaki having a crush on someone after the talk she had with Shū. She is a bit confused about making the decision to lie to Raku but accepts the advice Shū gave her because their glasses buddies.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Ruri can barely see anything if she doesn't have her glasses.

Trivia Edit

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