Nisekoi Chapter 26 Cover
Japanese title コイブミ
translation title Koibumi
Chapter Information
Chapter number 026
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Confirmation
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Love (コイブミ, Koibumi) is the twenty-sixth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Chitoge tells Tsugumi to hurry up since they will be late to class but the latter was surprised when she finds a love letter in her shoe locker. The letter was supposedly from a popular guy from the soccer team. When Kosaki asked if she would date the guy, Tsugumi asks what a love letter was. Ruri explains it to her and starts to blush. Tsugumi is confused on what she needs to do but Kosaki and Chitoge tell her that she needs to think about it and come up with an answer herself.

Tsugumi thinks about the love letter and is surprised when Raku calls out to her and asks if she was worrying about it. Raku tells her that she needs to tell him her answer soon. Tsugumi asks Raku what kind of answer would he give to the guy's question of "what kind of guy does she like". Raku tells her that she needs to describe a guy that she finds attractive. Tsugumi tells him she doesn't have one and asks Raku what type of girls he likes. Raku describes a girl that is the combination of Kosaki and Chitoge which coincidentally matches Tsugumi's description, making Tsugumi embarassed. She said that she cannot go out with the guy since she needs to protect Chitoge. Raku tells her that she needs to turn down the guy properly because the guy likes her. Tsugumi asks Raku what he would do if he got a love letter from her. Raku replies and says that he would be happy.

Tsugumi goes to the appointed place to meet the guy. When he asks what her answer is, she tells him that she's sorry since she cannot return his feelings. The guy asks Tsugumi if she already likes someone. Tsugumi doesn't answer but she blushes signifying she indeed has one. When the guy leaves, Tsugumi finds out that Chitoge and the others were listening to their conversation with Raku telling her that she did her best. Kosaki said that the guy that Tsugumi likes must be really wonderful for her to turn down a guy like that. Shū proceeds to tease Tsugumi with him being shot by her using a paint bullet. The girls then continue to ask Tsugumi who the guy is with Tsugumi refusing to tell them.

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Trivia Edit

  • The title's katakana translates to "Love Letter", which is the main topic of the chapter.