"It was because I wanted to see Japan with my own two eyes."
— Maruusha Lu Vieh NonBeeri[source]

Maruusha Lu Vieh Nonbeeri


Japanese マルーシャ・ル・ヴィエ・ノンビ〜リ
Translation Maruusha Lu Vieh NonBeeri
Character information
Gender Female
Age 16
Occupation Princess of NonBeeri;

Peace Ambassador

Home country The Kingdom NonBeeri
Goal confess to Raku;

explore Japan

Likes Raku Ichijō;

Thrill Rides; Japan

Dislikes being told what to do, overprotectiveness
Background information
Chapter "Identical (volume)"
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Maruusha Lu Vieh NonBeeri (マルーシャ・ル・ヴィエ・ノンビ〜リ, Maruusha Lu Vieh NonBeeri) is a princess from a foreign country who almost perfectly resembles Chitoge Kirisaki. She first appears in Chapter 136, Identical.

Background Edit

Maruusha is the eldest princess of the NonBeeri Kingdom.

When Maruusha was a child her mother would tell her stories about her wonderful times in Japan. Her mother told her that Japan was a beautiful country that had an amazing culture and kind people. Due to these stories Marrusha, dreamed to one day explore Japan herself.

Unfortunately, Maruusha's mother died at her young age which caused most of her freedom to be stripped from her by her father. Her father has become overprotective ever since.

A few days before coming to Japan, she was announced as a peace ambassador for Japan for some royal business. This gave Maruusha the chance to be able to see Japan for herself. After arriving to Japan, she escapes her hotel.

Story Edit

Second Year Arc Edit

After escaping her hotel, Princess Maruusha, is chased by her SPs. Raku and Chitoge save her and keep her hidden within some bushes. Once her bodyguards leave, she reveals her appearance which shock Raku and Chitoge because she looks almost exactly like Chitoge. Maruusha does not speak to them due to the fact that she cannot speak Japanese and waits until her translator turns on.

After she explains her reason of leaving her hotel, Chitoge willingly agrees to help her out by switching places with her and act as the princess for one day to let Maruusha wander through Japan with Raku as her guide. As Maruusha enjoys her time in Japan, like riding roller coasters and eating Japanese foods, she starts noticing Raku's kindness and willingness to help her out.

As Maruusha starts developing feelings for Raku, she tries confessing to him but sees that he has a closer relationship with Kosaki during her visit to the Onodera Sweets Shop which causes her to back out.

By the time she and Raku head back to her hotel to trade places with Chitoge, Maruusha tries to confess her feelings towards him but her translator shuts down. After Raku says goodbye to her, Maruusha speaks to him in Japanese much to Raku's dismay. She admits that she has a little knowledge on Japanese and is not very fluent but wanted to try her best in it and give him a proper goodbye and thank you.

Before she leaves him, she gives him a kiss on the cheek and explains it was a charm from her country that would split and pass her good luck to the person they kissed. Raku embarrassed, tells her it's not a good idea to go around giving people her good luck charms in Japan because it was dangerous but Maruusha just smiles. Walking away she says to herself for him not to worry, for no such charm existed.

On her last day of Japan, Maruusha reads out her speech in Japanese at a conference. She explains her love and experience of Japan and how she will value them forever. When asked by a reporter what her favorite event was in Japan, she tells him that it was riding a roller coaster, shocking and confusing everybody.

Appearance Edit

Maruusha is a look-a-like of Chitoge. She has long blonde hair, a slim figure, light skin, and big round eyes like Chitoge. One of the things that separate her and Chitoge is that Maruusha's eyes are also blue, however, are much lighter than Chitoge's. Another thing that makes the two different is that Maruusha has blonde eyelashes while Chitoge's eyelashes are black.

Due to coming from another country, Maruusha wears clothes very unfamiliar to Japan. At the top of her head, she wears a veil trimmed with lace on the top and bottom of the veil. She wears a white shawl with gold stylized stitching on the hem wrapped around her shoulders.

Her clothes consists of three layers. She has a black cropped top sporting a statement necklace, a long white skirt reaching around her ankles with a light yellow length of cloth with gold trimmings draped over the front, and a magenta piece of cloth wrapped around her waist and upper body a magenta piece of cloth wrapping and draped around her waist. She wears sandals with decorative beads on the foot straps and two anklet brackets on both her ankles.

Trivia Edit

  • Maruusha was originally planned to have violet eyes, but were later changed to a light blue by Naoshi Komi to resemble Chitoge more.
  • Maruusha only appears in four chapters of the manga.

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