Nisekoi chap52
Japanese title ソクテイ
translation title Sokutei
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Chapter number 052
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Showtime
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Measurement (ソクテイ, Sokutei) is the fifty-second chapter of the Nisekoi  manga series written and is illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump

 Summary Edit

On the day of the school's physical examinations, Raku runs into two Bee Hive gang members standing outside of school. They tell Raku that they have an important briefcase to deliver at 3:00 P.M, but have lost the code to open it. They explain Raku is the only who can open it, since the pass code is Chitoge's three sizes. Raku tells them he does not know Chitoge's three sizes, and they implore him to find out her measurements during their physical exam.

Raku takes the case and eventually decides that he must find out Chitoge's sizes no matter what. He sneaks into the girl's exam area and hides in a box. While hiding, he is almost found out by Tsugumi, who throws a knife at the box next to where he was hiding. Afterwards, Chitoge and the other girls in class forcibly take Tsugumi's measurements, and after hearing a rumor that touching her chest causes your own chest to grow two sizes, all the girls chase Tsugumi out of the room.

At this point, Raku comes out of hiding, only to find Marika remained in the room. Marika teases Raku about wanting to know her three sizes, and Raku quickly leaves, as is running out of time.

Raku then takes a doctor's coat in order to sneak into the room where Chitoge is and read her measurements off of her clipboard. However, as he is about to grab the clipboard, Kosaki asks Raku a question from behind, mistaking him for a doctor. Raku almosts gives himself away after hearing that Kosaki's bust size has grown, but is able to escape through the door.

With time running out Raku decides to just ask Chitoge what her sizes are. He bursts into the room and asks her sizes, only to find that the entire class is there. He is then beat up and hung upside down by Chitoge.

After finding out the situation, Chitoge states that she would have told him her sizes if he had asked at the beginning. However, when Chitoge attempts to open the case, it does not open with her measurements. Then, the two Beehive members call and tell them that the three measurements needed to open the case were actually Claude's sizes, not Chitoge's sizes.

 Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • A rumor states that a woman's chest will grow two sizes if they were to touch Tsugumi's.