Migisuke Aiba




Japanese 相葉 右助
Translation Aiba Migisuke
Character information
Other names "Dog" (by Marika)
Gender Male
Age 27
Occupation Captain of the First Riot Police Squad
Home country Japan
Likes Honda, Marika Tachibana
Background information
Chapter "Work"
Episode " Change/Work"
Japanese Takahiro Sakurai
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Migisuke Aiba (相葉 右助, Aiba Migisuke) is the Captain of the First Riot Police Squad and a minor character in the Nisekoi series.


Although he is rarely seen in both the manga and the anime series, his current depiction is that of a loyal and serviceful policeman who is always seen with his squad. He is quick to deter any trouble caused by the Yakuza and the Gangsters, and like Honda, is protective of his ojou-sama Marika (though not as extreme). But even so, he frowns upon himself for not having any experience with woman, blaming his history of living most of his school life in an all-boys academy. Nonetheless he is very determined, and unlike Honda, he is friendly to the main protagonist, Raku Ichijō.


Marika Tachibana Edit

Like all the men in the police department, Migisuke considers Marika as his "ojou-sama". He and his squad are always in Marika's service and is deathly loyal (which annoys her). Marika on the other hand, treats him as his personal dog; making him do demeaning tasks which he happily accepts. Migisuke even went so far as to ask Marika for advice concerning love.

Raku IchijōEdit

Though both are natural enemies, Migisuke is actually one of the only ones to understand Raku's misfortune of having a yakuza family. Unlike other policemen, he respects Raku enough not to bother him during his days-off.


Both are fellow policemen who care deeply for Marika. In Chapter 112, it was found out that Migisuke is actually in love with Honda, but since he has no experience about love or talking to women, he asked for help from Marika. In the same chapter he also asked Honda to marry him, but she rejected him and gets kicked in the face.


  • Well-crafted Police Training: In the OVA, it's been shown that Migisuke can handle himself pretty well against the yakuza and the gangsters. He commanded his riot squad during their failed attempt to "rescue" Marika from them. Although his abilities in combat are not on par with Marika and Honda's.


  • During the ending credits starting from Episode 18, Migisuke made a cameo appearance in a form of a caricature, alongside Paula, Haru, Fuu, Yui, Honda and Mikage Shinohara.
  • Migisuke has a sweet tooth.
  • Migisuke has only been to an all-boys school and had never had a real conversation with a women since he did not care for love until he met Honda.