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Character information
Gender Female
Goal To get Raku Ichijō and Yui Kanakura together; teach Yui to become the Chinese mafia leader
Background information
Chapter "Nee-san"
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Ie is Yui Kanakura's personal aide and mentor who guides her in her reign as the don of the Char Siu triad.


Not much is known about Ie's background, other than the fact that she shaped Yui in becoming the head of the Char Siu and quite possibly has looked out for her immediately after the death of her parents.


Ie is usually depicted as an emotionless and stoic person. Ie is very watchful of her master's daily commute as per her duties as Yui's aide and would involve herself whenever necessary. A wise and experienced high-ranking member of the Char Siu triad, Ie is also strict and gets annoyed by improper conduct. Ie is also shown to be unfeeling, cunning and quite mischievous as shown when she was making elaborate ways for Raku and Yui to be romantically/sexually involved to one another as to eventually wed and secure the Char Siu's future for a successor. Whatever the case, Ie is solely devoted to the Char Siu and to its head, Yui, as such that she would spare no expense to ensure the future of her faction.


Despite her age, Ie has a really short stature, one that she was once mistaken by Raku as a young child but was harshly corrected by Ie otherwise.

Ie has really short hair and big eyes. She is usually seen wearing a very traditional Chinese robe.

Trivia Edit

  • Her name, Ie means Night in Chinese (夜, Yè).

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