Nisekoi: Inside Stories (ニセコイ:ウラバナ, Nisekoi: Urabana) is a light novel written by Hajime Tanaka and illustrated by Naoshi Komi. It tells four stories of the main protagonist and secondary protagonists from the original Nisekoi manga series that is illustrated and written by Naoshi Komi.

Volume 1

Nisekoi Light Novel 1

Nisekoi: Inside Stories (Volume 1).


  1. Cat Ears (ネコミミ, Neko Mimi)
  2. Go-Getter (スゴウデ, Sugoude)
  3. Couple (カップル, Kapparu)
  4. High Collar (ハイカラ, Haikara)
  5. Afterword (アトガキ, Atogari)

Volume 2

Nisekoi Light Novel 2

Nisekoi: Inside Stories (Volume 2).


  • Japanese release date: December 28, 2013
  • ISBN: 978-4-08-703307-6
  • Cost: 650円
  1. Black Tiger (クロトラ, Kurotori)
  2. Misinformation (ゴホウシ, Gohoushi)
  3. Ghost (ユーレイ, Yūrei)
  4. Magical (マジカル, Majikaru)
  5. Afterword (アトガキ, Atogaki)

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