Nisekoi chap57
Japanese title キヅイテ
translation title Kidzuite
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Chapter number 057
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Reason
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Notice (キヅイテ, Kidzuite) is the fifty-seventh chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Notice Edit

Chitoge and her classmates hang out in the classroom. She tells them her lips her dry, so her classmate decides to give Chitoge her chap stick. They tell her that it looks good on her and might get Raku's attention.

Chitoge hopes Raku notices it and wears it the next day. She makes small hints to him about the lip gloss but Raku ends up not saying anything. Chitoge tries several attempts by changing her shampoos, painting her nails, and even changing her red ribbon with a plaid one but Raku doesn't say any remarks about the changes.

Chitoge seems to have given up trying and decides to ask Raku if he has noticed anything new about her. He guesses wrong several times, but later on wonders if Chitoge meant her lip gloss, shampoo, and nails. Raku tells that Chitoge he noticed them before but didn't say anything because it wasn't normal for guys to do so. To satisfy Chitoge he tells her that she looks good. Chitoge smiles in return and asks Raku if he likes her new ribbon. Once he turns around, he realizes that Chitoge wasn't wearing her regular ribbon.

Mini Chapter (Onodera-san!? ~ Raku's Sunday) Edit

Kosaki is modeling for the chapter's cover photo by Shū with Raku watching from the sidelines. Shū calls Raku over to get double shot with Kosaki. She sneezes and tells Raku that it's pretty cold because of the winter season. He asks and wonders why she's so cold despite her warm clothing. She tells him she's actually not wearing anything under as she unzips her parker. Raku suddenly wakes up, realizing he was just dreaming.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Chitoge does not usually paint her nails.
  • There are two, four-panel stories about Raku's dreams about Onodera in the beginning of this chapter.

Trivia Edit

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