Onodera Japanese Sweets Confections ( 小野寺和菓子コンフェクション, Onodera Wagashi Konfekushon ) is a Japanese Sweets Shop formerly run by Nanako Onodera and now run by Haru Onodera. Nanako has had her daughters Kosaki Onodera and Haru Onodera help out at the store from time to time. Raku Ichijō has also helped out at the store, three times before, as the store was short on workers.


Major Events Edit

Onodera Japanese Sweets Confections vs. Sweets Syuei Edit

Throughout the first scenes in Chapter 101, the Sweets Shop was seen to have less customers and making less profit. Nanako was furious at the fact her store was making less money and had later marched into Sweets Syūei to see why her customers were stolen. She ended up seeing Raku working there for Amanashi Takeshi who was part of the Shūei Clan. Raku had been helping him improve his baking skills in order for the Cake Shop to open.

Nanako had tried several ways to put the shop out of business like dressing in a feminine fashion to sabotage their dessert and have Kosaki and Haru face the crowds in a skimpy waitress outfit. Raku, however, was able to find new deserts to get customers interested in their shop and push up sales.  

In the end the two shops compromised to make a desert together with a twist of their own styles and both their sales rise.

Bonyari Japanese Sweets Contest Edit

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