Onoremonogatari x Nisekoi~Boys Side
Nisekoi chap88.5
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Chapter number 088.5
Arc Second Year Arc
Volume None
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Oremonogatari x Nisekoi~Boys Side is a special eighty eight and a half chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

As Raku waits for Chitoge at a peculiar meeting spot at a construction site, Raku spots cat in which he approaches. He notices the cat is in distress and looks around to find the problem. To his surprise, Raku looks up to meet a giant boy who is also interacting with a girl cat wearing a ribbon. The cat with a ribbon sees the cat Raku is with and excitedly runs over to the other cat.

Unfortunately, the cat stumbles into an unstable platform that is over a deep ditch. The cat with Raku tries to save the other cat but finds himself in the same situation. Raku and the strange giant boy find a way to save the cat with the ribbon but end up falling into the ditch with themselves and the cat. Raku and the giant man tell the cat with the ribbon to go get help.

Once the cat with the ribbon runs off, Raku introduces himself to the boy who's name is Takeo Gouda, a first year in high school which shocks Raku. As, the two struggle to find ways to get out or find help, Gouda mentions how much his girlfriend would worry about him if he didn't show up at their meeting place. Raku is surprised that Gouda has a girlfriend and begins wondering if Chitoge is worrying about him as well.

Moments later, Gouda finds a way for Raku to get out the ditch. But as Raku gets his way out, he notices a girl holding the cat with a ribbon staring back at him, causing him to fall back into the ditch. The girl turns out to be Gouda's girlfriend, Yamato, who has brought Chitoge, Kosaki, Marika, Tsugumi, and Gouda's friend, Suna, with her. The whole gang help Raku and Gouda escape the ditch by pulling them up through a rope.

With Gouda out the ditch, he apologizes to Yamato about making her worry and wait. She forgives him and the two have a loving moment. Meanwhile the rest of the Nisekoi gang are shocked to see that Gouda and Yamato represent a true loving couple.

Chapter Notes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is a crossover chapter of Nisekoi and Oremonogatari, also known as My Love Story!!
  • The end of the chapter does not feature Raku's face in the "End..." card but show's Gouda's face instead.
  • The combined names for Nisekoi and Oremonogatari, make Orekoi.

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