Personal Interest
Nisekoi chap192
Japanese title シジョウ
translation title Shijou
Chapter Information
Chapter number 192
Arc Second Year Arc
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Personal Interest (シジョウ, Shijou) is the one-hundredth ninety second chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Kosaki and Ruri rush as a group of security guards run after them. Ruri is able to save themselves by using Shū as a shield. They then hear a sudden noise coming from the ceremony room. Meanwhile, Raku and Chitoge are happy to finally get to Marika. Above them, stands Mikage as she greets the three from the rooftop with a ladder and a helicopter for Marika's escape.

As the three of them climb the ladder, the fight between Tsugumi and Honda continues. Tsugumi then asks Honda if she truly does not like Marika in a personal level. As Honda throws her kusari-fundo toward Tsugumi, she states she never interacted with Marika with personal interest. But as Honda's fundo approaches Tsugumi, Honda is surprise that Tsugumi catches it. Tsugumi then says that although their jobs are supposed to keep quiet of their personal interest, their job would mean nothing if they shut out their master from their personal life.

As Tsugumi attacks, she is surprised to find Honda out of her sight. She turns around to see Honda breaking the ladder and snatching Marika away. Chitoge falls from the ladder with Raku still holding on to it. Honda then tells Marika that she is happy by her insistence to escape despite knowing full well that she can't escape her mother. Marika tells Honda that she knows that she can't change the fate with her mother but she explains that she is just happy that her friends came to try save her.

Once Honda returns Marika to the ground, a security guard of Chika's, informs Chika that a group of hidden guards arrives to help capture Marika. Mikage is surprised that the hidden guards have arrived and explains to Raku that the hidden guards' skills are as close as Honda's. The group of hidden guards go toward Marika, ready to capture but is stopped by Honda.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Honda is the head of the hidden guard.
  • Honda is known as the Shinobu.

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