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Promise (ヤクソク, Yakusoku) is the last chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Japanese title ヤクソク
translation title Yakusoku
Chapter Information
Chapter number 229
Arc Epilogue
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Several years passed since the events of the Reunion Arc. Raku has achieved his ambition of being a government worker in the department of public safety at Bonyari City Hall, however he is also the head of the yakuza faction after his father, while Claude has become the next head of the Bee Hive Gang and is on good terms with Raku himself. Raku then sees his father off since he is going on his retirement honeymoon with Raku's mother together, but he'll leave things in Raku's hands then and will be back in time for the ceremony. Raku then calls Shu if he received an invitation to the party. He is going to the party because he is the organizer of the afterparty as well. It also shows that Shu and Ruri are in a relationship and are handling their finances in order to get married like Raku. Afterwards Shu calls their former teacher if her invitation arrived too. Kyoko is expectant about the wedding and wants her former students to meet her two children. At the same time Fuu and Haru is talking about the marriage and then Fuu shows that she wrote an article about Onodera's sweet shop. Haru is lamenting the fact that she has not yet found a suitable partner for herself and they joke around about Paula and hinted that they never expected she'd graduate and work in a lab. Raku also contacted Yui who is expecting a child and reports that she is looking forward to seeing everyone and Tsugumi, who became Chitoge's personal model for her designs, is also called up to attend the wedding. At the same time after receiving the invitation, Marika says to Honda that she'll be attending her blind date set for her because she wants to find a better man than Raku.

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