Chapter 34
Japanese title ツイセキ
translation title Tsuiseki
Chapter Information
Chapter number 034
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Confirmation
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Pursuit (ツイセキ, Tsuiseki) is the thirty-fourth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Chitoge thinks about the incident that happened between Raku and Marika and regrets punching him because she knows that Raku isn't the kind of person to do such things and decides to apologize to him.

As she enters the classroom, she sees Marika hugging Raku and hides. Raku tells Marika to avoid showing any affection toward him in public because of the problems that happen to him by his classmates. Marika wants to talk to Raku more and tells him to go on a date with her. He turns down he offer at first but remembers that a war could happen bewteen the police forces and the Shūei Clan if he declined.

At their date, Raku wonders why a girl like Marika likes him and why he can't remember ever meeting her ten years ago. Meanwhile, Chitoge, Tsugumi, Kosaki, and Ruri all go under disguise in order to spy on Raku and Marika on their date.

Raku and Marika head to a restaurant where she ends up asking him why he even likes his girlfriend. He tells her that despite her bad points, she is a good person. Marika wants to talk to him alone and runs out with him to a park.

At the park, Raku shows Marika the photo of themselves from ten years ago and tells her that he can't remember her at all. Marika tells him that she knows everything about the promise and offers to tell him everything she knows only if he breaks up with Chitoge. Chitoge overhears this as she hides behind the bushes that are behind the behind the bench Raku and Marika are sitting at.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Marika apparently knows everything about the promise from ten years ago.
  • Marika hates girls with long hair.

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