Issei Ichijo
Japanese 一条 一征
Translation Ichijo Issei
Character information
Gender Male
Height 163 ㎝
Occupation Yakuza
Home country Japan
Goal Prevent a War starting between the Bee Hive Gang & the Shūei Clan
Likes Raku Ichijō,Yakuza
Dislikes Prison
Background information
Chapter "Promise"
Episode "Promise"
Japanese Kenichi Ogata
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Issei Ichijo (一条 一征, Ichijo Issei) is one of the supporting characters in the Nisekoi series. He is the boss of the Yakuza group Shuei-Gumi Clan, and the father of Raku.

Background Edit

Raku's father has made a reputation among many and Marika's father plans on throwing him into jail after Raku's father cut him across his face, leaving a scar.

When a gang war brakes out between the Shuei-Gumi and the Bee Hive Gang, he and the gang's leader, Adelt Wogner Kirisaki, managed to stop the conflict by arranging their children as a couple. He knows that Raku, Chitoge, and Marika had met and played together ten years ago but knows little or nothing about who the promise girl is.

Ten years ago, Raku's father had made a promise to Marika's father to have Marika marry to Raku but forgot about it until he was told that Marika was coming over to meet Raku.

Personality Edit

Not much is shown about Raku's father's personality but he seems to be somebody who is brutal based on his reputation from past incidents. He also seems to be one of the only few characters to know Raku's developing feelings for Chitoge.


Raku's father is an old man and therefore has long gray hair and bushy gray eyebrows. He has a few wrinkles around his face and has dark sanpaku eyes. He is shown to wear a long black kimono with a white trim around its neck.

Trivia Edit

  • According to the Japanese Nisekoi Wikipedia page, Raku's father's first name is Issei.
  • His knowledge ten years prior to the series differ to Adelt Wogner Kirisaki's because he claims that the 'other' girl Raku used to play with was Marika Tachibana aside from Chitoge.

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