Nisekoi chap200
Japanese title キヅイタ
translation title Kidzuita
Chapter Information
Chapter number 200
Arc Second Year Arc
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Realized (キヅイタ, Kidzuita) is the two-hundredth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, and published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.


Raku finally realizes his feelings for Chitoge. He flustered by her presence and avoids looking at her as they head home. He is unsure how his feelings for Chitoge ever occurred and finds the way he likes Kosaki different from how he likes Chitoge. As he wonders about his life with and without Chitoge, he suddenly remembers her crush on someone else (Raku doesn't know Chitoge actually likes him).

Chitoge then brings up their upcoming year as third-years and their fake relationship ending soon. Raku says that once their fake relationship ends, she could start dating the guy she likes and then asks what kind of person he is. Chitoge answers that he is an idiot who is dense, annoying, loud, and is someone who lectures her a lot. But despite this, Chitoge tells Raku that he is a good guy and that she genuinely likes him.

Raku says that if Chitoge likes this guy so much, they should end their fake relationship as soon as possible. Chitoge questions this and says that she rather continue they relationship. This confuses Raku but makes Raku come to think that the guy Chitoge likes may be him.

Raku and Shū meet up with each other and talk about Raku's conflict with liking both Kosaki and Chitoge. Raku feels bad for liking both girls at the same time and feels like he's betraying Kosaki. Shū advises that Raku must choose who he wants as his true love. Raku then thinks about his choice and hopes to find his answer because their days as third years would go by fast.

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