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Friends Edit

Ruri MiyamotoEdit

Ruri Miyamoto is Kosaki's best friend. Ruri supports Kosaki in her love-life (a.k.a. Raku) and is almost always the one who always does the first move to put Kosaki and Raku in a situation in which they try to confess their love for each other. 

Raku IchijōEdit

Raku Ichijo is Kosaki's love interest. Although their feelings are mutual, they are unaware of this. There are multiple times where they try to confess their feelings but their always been something that has interrupted them form doing so. Both of them were said to be childhood playmates along with Chitoge Kirisaki.

Chitoge KirisakiEdit

Chitoge Kirisaki is one of Kosaki's friends. They quickly became good friends, along with Ruri. They would sometimes talk about their love interests, and they would seldom seek advice from each other. When they were children, she and Chitoge played together with Raku. There are many speculations that believe that Chitoge gave Kosaki the picture book.

Seishirō Tsugumi Edit

Marika Tachibana Edit

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