Japanese 佐々木 竜之介
Translation Sasaki Ryunosuke
Character information
Gender Male
Height 188 cm
Occupation Shūei Clan member
Home country Japan
Goal Protect next head of clan, Raku Ichijō
Likes Raku Ichijō
Dislikes Bee Hive Gang
Background information
Chapter "Promise"
Episode "Promise"
Japanese Nobuyuki Hiyama
Image gallery (0)
Ryuu(佐々木 竜之介, Sasaki Ryunosuke) is the head member of the Shuei-Gumi Clan much like Claude is of the Bee Hive Gang.

Personality Edit

Ryuu is shown to be overprotective of Raku Ichijō as he is the son of the head of Shuei-Gumi. He is also quite violent against the clan's enemy and whoever insults his boc-chan. Although, he has also a soft side especially if Raku Ichijō is involved, sometime used as a comic relief.

Appearence Edit

Ryuu is a tall, muscular man with a large dragon tattoo on his exposed right shoulder. His has sanpaku eyes which there is a scar around his left eye, dark brown hair and mustache. He is shown to wear a light purple kimono with a dark purple belt and has one sleeve from his right shoulder to the side to expose his tattoo and shoulder.

Trivia Edit

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