It is known that the series Nisekoi has chapter and volume titles only containing symbols from the katakana alphabet. Katakana is a Japanese alphabet only used for foreign names, example: "call" (コール, Kōru). Here is a list of chapter and volume titles of the Nisekoi series that has been translated to the original kanji and the true meaning of the word is.

List of titles

# Title Katakana Kanji Literally meaning
1 Promise ヤクソク 約束 arrangement, promise, appointment, pact, engagement, convention, rule
2 Question シツモン 質問 question, inquiry, enquiry
3 First ハジメテ 初めて for the first time, only after it..., only when ... do you ..., to begin to
4 Encounter ソウグウ 遭遇 encounter
5 Plenty イッパイ 一杯 cup of ..., drink, full, to the utmost, up to, lot of, much
6 Similar ニタモノ 似た者 similar people
7 Handmade テジクリ 手作り handmade, homegrown, hand-crafted, homemade
8 Home Visit ホウモン 訪問 call, visit
9 Getting Closer セッキン 接近 getting closer, drawing nearer, approaching
10 Swimming スイエイ 水泳 swimming
11 Keyhole カギアナ 鍵穴 keyhole
12 Spoiler ネタバレ
13 Zawsze in Love ザクシャインラブ comes from the Polish word: "forever"; forever in love.
14 Lending and Borrowing カシカリ 貸し借り lending and borrowing
15 Rival ライバル
16 Duel ケットウ 決闘 duel, shoot-out
17 Cute カワイイ 可愛い cute, adorable, charming, lovely, pretty, dear, precious, darling, pet, little, tiny
74 A Big Lie オオウソ 大嘘 big lie
75 Divine Wind カミカゼ 神風 divine wind
76 Younger Sister イモウト younger sister
76 Work ハタラケ 働け to work