Nisekoi chap202
Japanese title シンケン
translation title Shinken
Chapter Information
Chapter number 202
Arc Third Year Arc
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Serious (シンケン, Shinken) is the two-hundredth second chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly on Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

Haru, Kosaki and Raku are forced to enter the Bonyari Japanese Sweets Competition by Onodera's mother, Nanako to try and advertise the shop. Nanako makes Haru the team's leader much to her dismay.

At the competition, the three decide to go with a spring theme and go for sakura sweets. While Haru is in charge with the bean-paste, Raku and Kosaki work on the rice paste and décor. When Haru finishes and asks Kosaki for a taste test, Kosaki points out several changes that Haru would need to make which makes Haru self-conscious about. However, when Raku lets her try his sweet, she is surprised to find it delicious and better than hers. Haru thinks about how good Raku was at making sweets, despite only having little experience and only seeing it as a hobby. She is not only saddened by the fact that Raku was better at something she loved but also because he and Kosaki were having fun together.

Kosaki suddenly interrupts her thoughts to tell her that her bean-jelly has burnt. Feeling guilty that she ruined the team's chances of winning the competition, Kosaki and Raku think of another way to make spring-like Japanese sweets with soy bean paste and green coloring. Feeling unneeded by Raku and Kosaki, Haru runs away and wonders if she should quit making sweets.

Raku follows her asks her why she left. She tells him that she feels like it would be best that he and Kosaki work without her after the mess she created. Raku asks Haru if she is depressed about what had happened. She says she is and that Raku's sweets are much better than hers. Raku then tells her that he wouldn't be depressed as she was which makes her angry at first, but Raku explains that making sweets is much important to her then it is to him. He tells her that he notices that she makes sweet with all her passion and love into it which shows how much making sweets, means to her. He says that only people like her can truly make great Japanese sweets.

Raku then states that her Prince Charming that had saved her when she first became a first-year, loved her sweets and always ate them whenever he got the chance. To his surprise, Haru tells him that she already knows that the Prince Charming and Raku are the same person.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelations Edit

  • Haru knows that the Prince's identity is actually Raku.

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