Nisekoi chap49
Japanese title ホンバン
translation title Honban
Chapter Information
Chapter number 049
Arc First Year Arc
Volume Showtime
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Showtime (ホンバン, Honban) is the forty-ninth chapter of the Nisekoi manga series written and is illustrated by Naoshi Komi, published weekly in the magazine Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Summary Edit

As Chitoge gets ready for the play, she gets this weird feeling but knows what it is. Chitoge stands in front of the stage with Raku in awe of Chitoge wearing the Juliet costume. Chitoge smiles at him to tell him to get ready for the play which surprises Raku because of how sad she was only a few moments before.

The play starts and Chitoge seems to be doing very good but asks for Raku's help for the next lines. Despite the play not according to plan, the crows seems to love it. As the play continues, Shū adds several events to change up the play like making Tsugumi (playing Juliet's servant) confess her love for Raku (Romeo), Marika appearing as a character named Josephine to claim "Romeo" as her lover, and Claude acting as Juliet's brother, Friedrich, preventing Raku see Chitoge (Juliet).

Although Raku couldn't defend himself from Claude, he managed to take him down when he accidentally took out a brick that held the paper mache castle wall. Raku is able to escape the rubble of the castle and walks up to Chitoge's balcony to claim his love for her. Chitoge giggles at the fact that Raku looks a total idiot despite being all beat up from the fallen rubble and remembers all the times Raku had been the person he is from all the times she had spent with. As the two say their lines, Chitoge admits to herself that she is love with Raku and, under the guise of the lines, told Raku she loved him.

Chapter Notes Edit

Character Revelation Edit

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